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Writing Again


After 3 years of abandoning this blog, I'm here again. Reading all the posts.

How things have changed.

Some of the posts made me smile, some brought tears as they remind me of such events, some sounded selfish and arrogant.Sorry.

What led me to write again? that I can share that those who might be in the same situation as I am currently in knows that they are not alone

sometimes, we do have that lonely time where reading helps..right? that I could somehow inspire

I could you know... that I could reflect

This blog has somehow bring me back to the past. Can u imagine that its actually 8 years old??

I could read my past. thought. feelings. behaviour.

... so that I can have a healthy way of expressing myself

healthier than food. Don't you think so? that neurons in my brain are well connected

b'cause writing on blogs need us to think (well, I do). Think of whether its appropriate to share to public or should it be kept in the clo…
Recent posts

Bila nak kawen?

"Bila nak kawen?"

"Bila nak kenduri?"

These are the regular questions for me lately.


The above 3 lines were written back in Sept 2015.

How time flies.

Its May 2018. Single. The questions remain the same. However, through out time people have learnt that jodoh, ajal-maut and rezeki are secrets that only Allah knows.

Pray. Pray harder.

Note: Back tapping my keyboard. Hello world!

The Man of Great Modesty

Dalam kesibukan kerja yang semakin menjadi-jadi, saya ambil kesempatan ini untuk berkongsi pembacaan saya dengan niat utama agar keluarga dan sahabat handai turut dapat mengetahui kisah ini J
               Suatu masa dahulu, sewaktu masih di universiti, seorang sahabat yang jauh diperantauan (Hanna are you there???) pernah bertanya kepada saya, “Sahabat Rasulallah s.a.w yang mana awak paling suka?”. Suatu soalan yang sukar untuk dijawab kerana latar belakang pendidikan saya hanyalah pendidikan “biasa”, mendapat pendidikan agama secara informal dari ibu ayah di rumah dan sekadar menghadiri sekolah agama, itupun waktu sekolah rendah!
Soalan yang mencabar minda. Namun, tetap dijawab agar sahabat tidak menanti, dengan pantas “Saidina Abu Bakar” dijawab.
Kenapa saya memilih Saidina Abu Bakar? 
Kerana beliau adalah satu-satunya sahabat yang paling banyak kisahnya yang saya dengari, beliau merupakan pendamping Rasulallah di awal kedatangan Islam dan beliau merupakan “orang kanan” Rasulallah. Bi…

5 Pesanan Syeikh Ahmad Yassin


No words can describe my guilt for the brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Here I am, on my bed with my laptop, have just finished watching two movies while at the part of the world Muslims are tortured and slaved and killed.

Reading words of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin made me to update my blog tonight.

For the love of brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm spreading the messages of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin:

Click here
(izinkan share mdthamim)

All the words are words of Muhammad.

Dear Allah, make me near to you as you are always near to me. Forgive us for all our wrong doings.
Guide us, guide us, guide us in becoming true Muslims.

A sunnah: Honey

"Look who's back
      Back again.." -eminem-

Yes, I'm back!
Back tapping the letters :)
Since last Ramadhan I've been consuming honey regularly every morning and Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah) my asthma is very well in control. I'm no longer depending on Symbicort ( a drug recommended by Brother 1) and Ventolin is just on standy. But since honey is my breakfast, the inhaler is just as part of my handbag fillers, perhaps its beyond the expiry date ( I should check on that). 
#1: Why did I choose honey?        -Because it was part of the sunnahs.        - The last time I had really bad attacks (everyday!!!) honey was the most effective reliever. 
#2: Why did I start consuming it again?       - Because its part of sunnah :)          (am I repeating my answer??)      - Since I heard the book by a reverter on "Rasulallah is my doctor" by Jerry D Gray. I've only heard          about the book. Still hunting for the English version.
#3: Experience wi…

Vietnam with the girls

Assalamualaikum and Hi

The first thing came to my head just now was ...." ha..dah lama tak update blog"

So, lets not talk about that ;)

Referring to the topic, yup I went to Vietnam last 2 weeks with my college friends. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights celebrating our 9th year of friendship (who would have thought we could last that longgg??)

Alhamdulillah. It was so much fun!!
We wanted to fly back to Vietnam just as we landed in KL!

Lets see some of the pictures ;)
Our coasters. Rase macam artis jemputan.huhu
shell painting factory
something in the city (we didnt get to walk around the city)
by the road
Mei mei (Our Mekong tourist guide.We gave her that name)
Boat house
Our luxury boat!
Local fruits ( Mcm Malaysia jgak. buat2 kagum je nii)
Mekong river 
Owh.. and one  of the most important event was...


Dah all girls, wajib la pegi tempat ni and borong Baju Kurung. This was Danny's Place.Spent almost 3-4 hours there,good treatment, they even helped to cal…

Living with Asthma

I was 6 that time when I went to the clinic with Abah to get my check up,  I couldn't breath well. Tight chest. Like a big stone pressing against myself.

.. Perhaps that was not my first time visiting the clinic because of asthma,but that was the only vivid image I could recall ...

It was never comfortable to live with the feeling of having heavy stones on your chest- Breathing was hard. Talking was hard. Eating was hard. Everything just don't feel right, whether sleeping or wide awake.

But Alhamdulillah, I'm still here; writing,trying to share some of my life as an asthmatic person for more than 20 years.

Well ...

- During my childhood, I didn't do lots of sports and it was until we were in the UK that I got involve in swimming classes and some child- gymnastics activity...quite flexible I am ;)
- People call me names like "sempot" (hmm..I don't know what this word is in English)
- I am allergy to certain food because they trigger my asthma such as mang…