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The Choral Speakers

Finally the school holiday is here! hehe. I was really looking for it since started working. School break means time with the family, family and friends gathering which is a must to keep up with each other and also a time to get myself re-organize (physically, mentally and spiritually).
The last day of school was such a drama (there were episodes actually). My school was so busy with Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and of course the TEACHERS had to prepare the pupils weeks before the day for performances. Mine was English Choral Speaking.
It was my first time to train the pupils but Alhamdulillah, things turned up really well. I am so proud of my little 'big mouths' (now you know why they're in the Choral speaking team, don't you?) Impressive enough that they manage to work together and find a communal agreement to present their story without any quarreling.
The problems that I faced while training them were:
1. Pronunciation- some had difficulties to read and pron…

Self Access Room

Assalamualaikum and hi!
Next week will be my 6th week of working as a teacher. For the time being, I am not in charge of any classroom nor particular subject. All that I do all these while was to manage the special rooms in the school like the Self Access Room.
I am not so sure how this "self access room" should be but I think it should be focusing on encouraging pupils/ young learners to study on their own. It should be student-centered, thats what educators are promoting nowadays.
Now, what else should be included in that room? Any good ideas people?
Before I forget, thanks to the great teachers from all over the world who are willing to share their ideas in their websites. Your sites have certainly helped me a lot in generating and expanding my ideas as to adapt it to my school environment.
That's all of my current update. InshaAllah I will post some pictures of the room and I really am looking forward for suggestions.
Till then.