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Writing Again


After 3 years of abandoning this blog, I'm here again. Reading all the posts.

How things have changed.

Some of the posts made me smile, some brought tears as they remind me of such events, some sounded selfish and arrogant.Sorry.

What led me to write again? that I can share that those who might be in the same situation as I am currently in knows that they are not alone

sometimes, we do have that lonely time where reading helps..right? that I could somehow inspire

I could you know... that I could reflect

This blog has somehow bring me back to the past. Can u imagine that its actually 8 years old??

I could read my past. thought. feelings. behaviour.

... so that I can have a healthy way of expressing myself

healthier than food. Don't you think so? that neurons in my brain are well connected

b'cause writing on blogs need us to think (well, I do). Think of whether its appropriate to share to public or should it be kept in the closet. Think of the necessity. The choice of words. etc

Of course there are many other ways to keep our brain cells active. Well, this is one of them.

...writing makes me feel ALIVE!

I do. that I can contribute

blogging is so powerful. that when we check the statistics of our posts, we'll be amazed of the number of visits. Perhaps its a fake visit, but who cares. You just have that thought of "owh.. somebody is reading my posts...owh they're interested in that, they need that as reference.." etc.

As to the above mentioned, I will write again.

Till we meet :)

Note: Lots of reconstructions need to me made.

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