Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Living with Asthma

I was 6 that time when I went to the clinic with Abah to get my check up,  I couldn't breath well. Tight chest. Like a big stone pressing against myself.

.. Perhaps that was not my first time visiting the clinic because of asthma,but that was the only vivid image I could recall ...

It was never comfortable to live with the feeling of having heavy stones on your chest- Breathing was hard. Talking was hard. Eating was hard. Everything just don't feel right, whether sleeping or wide awake.

But Alhamdulillah, I'm still here; writing,trying to share some of my life as an asthmatic person for more than 20 years.

Well ...

- During my childhood, I didn't do lots of sports and it was until we were in the UK that I got involve in swimming classes and some child- gymnastics activity...quite flexible I am ;)
- People call me names like "sempot" (hmm..I don't know what this word is in English)
- I am allergy to certain food because they trigger my asthma such as mangoes and watermelon and ice
- I get very sensitive to changes of weather or temperature that I'm like Goldilocks-not too hot, not too cold, but just nice.
-I can't sleep on bare cemented floor... because it gets me cold and triggers my asthma.
-I can deal with SOME dust. yeay! because I'm always doing the cleaning when the Helper is not around.
- I rarely take a bath/ shower at night or after 7 p.m. Just simple cleaning would do, just to keep me clean and fresh.
- Did I tell you that I climbed the Great Wall of China? hehe. Yes, I did!
- Did I tell you that I like flying fox? Well, it takes a lot of strength to climb up the trees, but I did it!

Reminder: To get involve in sports, an asthmatic needs extra time for practice. Make sure to train and get a good rest every post-training.

I guess these (above) should do to give everyone a review of an asthmatic's life.

Sometime we're alright and at other time we need a really good rest or cave in for recovery.

You and me; we're special in our own way.

Nothing stops us because THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!