Monday, November 11, 2013

Vietnam with the girls

Assalamualaikum and Hi

The first thing came to my head just now was ...." ha..dah lama tak update blog"

So, lets not talk about that ;)

Referring to the topic, yup I went to Vietnam last 2 weeks with my college friends. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights celebrating our 9th year of friendship (who would have thought we could last that longgg??)

Alhamdulillah. It was so much fun!!
We wanted to fly back to Vietnam just as we landed in KL!

Lets see some of the pictures ;)
Our coasters. Rase macam artis jemputan.huhu

shell painting factory

something in the city (we didnt get to walk around the city)

by the road

Mei mei (Our Mekong tourist guide.We gave her that name)

Boat house

Our luxury boat!

Local fruits
( Mcm Malaysia jgak. buat2 kagum je nii)

Mekong river 

Owh.. and one  of the most important event was...


Dah all girls, wajib la pegi tempat ni and borong Baju Kurung. This was Danny's Place.Spent almost 3-4 hours there,good treatment, they even helped to call the taxis for us (mesti la...untung banyak kot).

Will definitely visit Vietnam again for food, city tour, mosque visit....baju kurung, baju kurung, baju kurung.

Why baju kurung?

Super cheap. The cheapest anyone can get for a ready-made plain cotton Baju Kurung is RM 30 and beaded Baju Kurung is aroung RM40. This is not a price you can get in Malaysia.

Bandung vs Vietnam

Bandung is more for casual wear like jeans and shirts, Vietnam is definitely for Baju Kurung lovers, and men could get their Deuter bags. Food? Bandung for sure, Vietnam is yet to explore..owh they have Vietnamese Coffee (perhaps I should have an entry on that). Though I'm not a coffee type of person, but I just have to try its signature food/drink. I would say its...ok la. Tasted like dark chocolate ;) and yes, do try "Pho". We call it mee celup Vietnam :)

New words while we were in Vietnam

Depp =Cantek
Yepp =Kurus (Vietnamese Men love thin, I'm obviously out of the list. Selamat!)
Bakk= I think this means "discount" or something like bargaining.

I guess thats all for now!