Saturday, January 18, 2014

A sunnah: Honey

"Look who's back
      Back again.." -eminem-

Yes, I'm back!
Back tapping the letters :)

Since last Ramadhan I've been consuming honey regularly every morning and Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah) my asthma is very well in control. I'm no longer depending on Symbicort ( a drug recommended by Brother 1) and Ventolin is just on standy. But since honey is my breakfast, the inhaler is just as part of my handbag fillers, perhaps its beyond the expiry date ( I should check on that). 

#1: Why did I choose honey?
       -Because it was part of the sunnahs.
       - The last time I had really bad attacks (everyday!!!) honey was the most effective reliever. 

#2: Why did I start consuming it again?
      - Because its part of sunnah :)
         (am I repeating my answer??)
     - Since I heard the book by a reverter on "Rasulallah is my doctor" by Jerry D Gray. I've only heard 
        about the book. Still hunting for the English version.

#3: Experience with honey:
     - great cough reliever. asthma reliever
     - am promoting it to Abah for breakfast and seems like he's not taking his cough syrup anymore :)
     - have put applying some on my eye area because of allergy and it healed in two days! (the allergy was    
       for months)
#4 current experiment:
     - honey as face treatment. Am planning to use minimal chemicals on face and reduce the allergies since I'm having major problem on getting the right products for my skin. Perhaps you would suggest going to aestheticians, Yes, I've spent thousands seeing them regularly but our skin is not like the tv where we could repair and it works perfectly. Our skin changes according to weather (my skin does) and hormones, not everything that the beautician says work well, I just have to find whats good for myself :)

Honey seems like it... and tastes good!

and its a sunnah :)

Notes: am currently consuming black seeds (habbatus sauda) as well and actually trying to take sunnah food regularly. I highly believe they are naturally good for our body and mind ( ex: goats milk...its closest to breast milk and lowest in fat..its good isn't it?)